Here we have some updated interfaces. Enjoy!



Here’s a sneak peek of the Closing Credits!

We are currently working on the part of the project where we prepare everything for the good stuff.

At this point we have the film put together the way we want it to be. Before we can put all the awesome effects and design into the picture, there is a lot of preparations which needs to be done. These preparations takes a lot of time and effort.

The preparations involve going into every single frame of the whole film to track motion and mask out the background from the main character and other elements in the room that is not a screen surface. While working on these preparations, life can seem a bit slow and discouraging. Why? Because, for instance in the masking process, you have to place lots of points to shape what you want to mask out. When you have spent a lot of time placing every point perfectly, you go to the next frame and sigh and do it all over again “because she moved”.

In our film we have roughly 4500 frames. That is a lot of frames to mask. When you have been sitting there for a few hours and think you have finished a lot of frames, you zoom out and see that you have merely finished a sequence lasting about two seconds. That is 30 frames.

This is when you think “We should have used a green screen”.

Anyways, what we work on now will not be clearly visible in the final film, so I thought I would upload some screenshots from behind the scenes for you to look at while you wait for the awesomeness.

The masking and tracking is mostly done by Siri Rundberget and Siri Meen. They really deserve a round of applause for the work they have done!

~ Mariel Simone Out ~

We continued working with the set, making it ready for filming. Mariel got the storyboard done.